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 It’s Jeff Ross here, I trust that you’re having a great day!

In December 2018 our Digital Marketing Team went through a complete overhaul of our brand, we founded the Your Marketing Nerd agency.

Part of our journey towards serving our clients and helping them to bring their business out of the past, into the 21st century is by using Digital Marketing to promote their business and untapped their potential to thrive. The team and I have committed to serving you the ‘Business Owner’ with a weekly blog. Now this piece of content will most likely be a written blog like this one, but every now and then we will do a How-To video or a Webinar or another piece of content to add value to your marketing efforts and to help serve your marketing needs.

The purpose of this blog is to outline the focus of our content marketing efforts moving forward and describe the Five Core Topics that we will be continually creating content for. 

After spending almost 10 years in the industry, through serving our clients with Digital Marketing needs and through our own business efforts. These Five Core Topics that we will be discussing that we see can add the most value to, help bringing your business into the 21st century and make it relevant for today’s consumers.

I highly recommend you follow our lead with your own marketing efforts and come up with Five Core Topics that you want to be known as The Experts in your industry. Let’s face it content marketing has almost become a MUST for most Digital Marketing Strategies as it’s a great way to help build awareness for your brand,for your prospects to evaluate and make sure you’re the right person to serve their needs. Yes, there’s loads of content out there but most of it is rehashed and not of value, so if you’re going to go down the content marketing journey I highly recommend that you make content that stands out, content that values and serves your ideal customer profile. A good friend of mine Grant Mullen has a great saying “When everybody zigging finds the way to zag”. I interpret this saying as when something you know is working then do that thing better than everybody else and do it slightly different so you can stand out from all of the white noise!


I have yet to find a better way to attract your ideal prospects to you then leading with value and serving them from the heart.


I’m curious please do engage with us on this blog and comment below, let it – let us know what your Five Core Topics are going to be and if you need any help discerning what those Five Core Topics are reach out and set up a chat with us. I will be more than glad to set some time aside to help you.


If you’re going to win back on the content marketing journey you need to be very intentional and consistent, you need to show up in people’s newsfeeds time and time again to get people to know, like you and trust you and even resonate with you these days. It’s not enough just to do one blog here in there and hope that that’s going to work for you.


Just a quick tip to help you to come up with your Five Core Topics is you have to know your audience. So my first recommendation is for you to do a Customer Avatar Profile get inside your ideal prospects head, understand what makes them tick and learn about their pain. Write about these topics and offer solutions.


At the end of the day whether it’s writing a blog or whether it’s doing the sales call, we’re all wanting someone to take an action and that itself is the essence of sales! The best way I know how to sell to someone is to show them the path of how they can go from point A to point B. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, we’re all selling transformation of how can we help them make their lives better and transform their lives. Work out your before and after transition stages and this will help you to discern what your Five Core Topics are. Producing content will increase your exposure.


Also as you’re embarking on this content marketing journey make sure you keep up-to-date, keep on top of the latest industry changes and updates within your industry so that you become the person who is in the know and the person to go to to get the experts industry advice.


I can help you come up with your Core Topics and get your prospects to know, like you, trust you and even resonate with you. They will see you as the authority within your industry, by coming up with just your Five Core Topics this will help you to stay laser-focused so you don’t spread yourself too thin.


If your content marketing is done right this process will serve to help find your brand for your business.


When your content marketing is done right it will serve to develop and give purpose to your brand and help to identify to your ideal customer clearly on how you can serve and meet their needs.


One final tip to help you on your content marketing journey is to use stories to help connect and get people to relate to you and your brand. Don’t underestimate the power of stories, stories have been used for thousands of years to serve and teach people to help them move forward and grow. Stories are one way that we can connect with each other because we’re able to identify our own journeys within them and resonate with them.


As the old saying goes, “we buy from people who are like us and who we resonate with”. Stories are one way to connect with our ideal customer. Don’t underestimate the power of a story, don’t be shy.. share your own story.


Ok, I’ve given you some tips on how to help you with your own content marketing journey please do keep an eye out on our blog on our social media pages for our new – upcoming content & blogs, videos, webinars and maybe even a podcast towards the end the year. As it’s our own to help serve you with your marketing needs and help bring your business into the 21st century and untap your potential to thrive.


 the Five Core Topics the Your Marketing Nerd team will be publishing a lot of content on are:

  1. Customer Buying Journey “How to help your community to move forward in the buying journey”
  2. Lead Generation & Paid Traffic Techniques and strategies to help your business double its sales within the next 2-3 months
  3. Digital Marketing “How to” on tools, tips, and Techniques
  4. Sales Tactics/ Relationship building 
  5. All things Google and WordPress website Tips

So now you know what you can look forward to, we are curious, what are you Core Topics and what industry do you want to be known as the authority in [even it’s just the authority for your local town]?

See you next week!

Jeff Ross 

Founder of Your Marketing Nerd