Customer Value Journey

G’day it’s Jeff Ross, from Your Marketing Nerd 


I want to talk to you about the customer value journey.  Before I explain what the customer value journey is all about, I would like to highlight why it is such an important topic.

One of the main challenges our team sees, everyday, when it comes to businesses trying to market their business, is they’re  only focused on one part of the picture, just one campaign, just one aspect of marketing


We see it all the time,  businesses go out and build a brand new website, hoping that this is going to be the answer to all of their marketing challenges or they focus on Facebook and they have this great Facebook page with loads of likes and engagement, but no conversions happening on the back end and if you’re not getting any conversions, what’s the point of all the time and effort you’re spending to market your business?


Don’t get me wrong what you’re doing there with regards to building up your tribe on Facebook is an essential part of your marketing plan but it is only one piece of the puzzle.  You need to look at this from a 10,000 foot view and work out how that engagement is transferred to the next step of the buying process and then the next step and the next. 


This is what the customer value journey highlights for you.  It’s 8 steps that you can focus on when you’re marketing your business and it gives you a complete picture. By looking at the whole picture and taking a 10 000 foot view of your marketing plan. You can now start to see where your website is vital.  Where your Facebook page plays it’s part. Where email marketing, videos and content fit in the scheme of things and how it all comes together like a big jigsaw puzzle. 


If you get nothing else out of reading this blog today than “ hey I need to take a step back and look at my marketing efforts, and work out how that one step leads into the next” then that’s all you need to get and we’ve done our job.


But let me unpack what the customer value journey is and how you can use this great tool for your marketing planning moving forward.


If at anytime you need a hand, to work out your customer value journey, for your business please contact our team.  This is what we do in our day today. When we onboard a new client, we sit down with them and map out their customer value journey as without this vital piece of information, marketing efforts are going to be hard work. 


The saying of the 5 P’s,  Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance is really relevant, here with the customer value journey and is essential to your marketing plan for your business. 

It’s a one-page marketing plan .  It doesn’t need to be complicated.  We keep it very simple but it will give you a big picture of your business and your marketing efforts


The customer value journey consists of eight steps
1) awareness 

2) engagement 

3) building a subscriber list/ customer base.

4) Conversion.  where your prospects have gone through the awareness and evaluation stage and are actually starting to see you as the solution to their problems, So they’re now becoming a convert for your business where they’re prepared to give you a little bit of their time or a little bit of their money, just to test you out.

5) Excite or  WOW Factor stage.   This is where we make them feel really good about their decision of making their initial purchase and cementing their belief in us. Where they say “ yes we are the right person for them, the right business to help solve their problems “

6)  Ascend stage. Where we ask the customer to climb our value ladder. They’re taking that initial step with an Impulse purchase and now this is where we can sell our core products or we can upsell or cross-sell them or focus on getting them to come back as repeat customers.

 7)  Brand advocate stage.  Where your customers have had such a great experience with you being  the answer to their problems, that now they just want to rave about you and leave customer testimonials or case studies to help promote your business

 8) Brand Ambassadors.  This is the final stage where we ask for referrals.  This is where we start to see that brand Ambassadors are  actually marketing your business. through word-of-mouth and bringing new business into the awareness stage and then the cycle begins again.

 So there you have it, the 8 stages for your customer value journey.  This tool can be used for any business ,you just need to look at how can I create awareness for my business ?

How can I get my ideal Prospect to engage with me?  How can I get them to subscribe to my list so that I can ring market them and retarget them  via email marketing? How can I get my conversion offer in front of a warmer market then I would if I was just trying to bring in a cold audience? . How can I onboard this person and give them such a wow experience, that  they feel great about their initial decision? How could I get them to climb up the ladder and become brand ambassadors for our business, helping us to promote our business by word-of-mouth marketing by sharing their good experience?


Now that you have a clearer picture of what a customer value journey looks like.  It’s time to start working out where the tools play their part. Like… where does your website fit?  It’s going to play a pretty big part in the whole picture, because it’ll appear at several stages in the journey.  Where do your Facebook ads play a Part. FB ads act to bring brand awareness but they can also be a nurturing retargeting tool to help the conversion stage. 


So now you’re starting to see that  Facebook ,Website, Google and email marketing on  the whole, are just tools to make this work, they’re not the be all and end all.  So from here on out, please don’t let your focus be on just one Facebook campaign and hope that that is going to be the answer to your problems or building a website in hopes this will answer your problems.   It’s so, so much more and if you need help to take the burden of implementation with any of this, then contact our team and setup a double your sales review and we will go through what you’re currently doing with our 73 Point checklist and work out what other, one, two or  three things,we could potentially help you out with to double your sales within the next two to three months, or if you just need a bit of help to work out your customer value journey, that’s ok too . Give us a call and we’ll set up a meeting and see what we can do to help you out 


Alright thanks for your time. That’s this week’s blog it’s all been about the customer value journey. Next week we’re going to hear from from our resident Your Marketing Nerd team player Dillon  and he’s going to share with us, how you can create a plan and a map for your content marketing . So make sure you don’t miss out on this blog because it’ll help you out with planning your content marketing  and remember the five P’s proper planning prevents poor performance.


That’s all I have for you today, will see you on the flip side have a great week.


Jeff Ross 

Founder of Your Marketing Nerd