About US

About Your Marketing Nerd

If you’re looking to climb the mountainous project of building or maintaining your WordPress website and don’t know where to begin or don’t have the time. Then Jeff from Your Marketing Nerd is your sherpa here to help navigate the journey ahead.

We are here to help you to tap into your FULL potential to Thrive…

Our Story

Your Marketing Nerd was Founded in 2016 by Jeff Ross, we are based in beautiful Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Jeff has 10 Years of experience in the Internet Marketing Arena and in 2016 Jeff started our agency under the name of “Jeff Ross Digital Marketing” and we rebranded to the name “Your Marketing Nerd” early 2017.

We are happy to share our story in detail with you but that’s not why your here. You most likely here because you are after result for your own business. If you wish to learn more about our story happy to discuss this in detail when we meet.|

Let’s focus on you and your story – See we want to be your guide and make you the HERO of your story.


You can’t be the hero of the story if you are struggling to do it all on your own. Every successful person has a team to support them on their journey. 


What you have done to get you to this point is great and we salute you for this – However if you’re here, you probably realise that if you want to tap into your FULL potential to Thrive you need a team to take you up the mountain and know that you can’t do this on your own anymore.

This is where we come in, Let Jeff take care of all your website needs and support so you can get back to doing what you do best and together we can help you business to tap into it’s full potential to THRIVE… 

Our Awesome Team

Jeff Ross

Jeff Ross

Jeff is the chief nerd of our team and head of sales. He also specialises in all things WordPress Wesbites realted and Funnel Development..

Sarah Jordan-Ross

Sarah Jordan-Ross

Sarah is the Heart of our team and the head of HR – Sarah also looks after our accounts and bookkeeping. 

Our Values

You see these types of statements of core values are said by companies from time to time however a very few seem to even try to live by the values they claim to hold dear. We might not do a 100% perfect job, but we’re sure trying to. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for living these values on a daily basis and if you become a client we ask you to hold us accountable as well.

The Golden Rule+

Do unto others as they would have you do unto them. If we’re not sure what you want us to do unto you, we work to figure it out.

If we’re unable to find out, then as a temporary measure we do unto you as we would have others do unto us…

We treat each other and our clients with respect.

Honest Approach

Transparency & Honesty With clients, and internally. Share secrets. Admit mistakes.

We are only ever as sick as our secrets.

True brakethrough can not happen when we aren’t 100% Honest with each other…

Results That Matter

Focus on results that truly matter to the client. Sales and leads, rather than checking the box on a lot of tasks.

We are in the results driven business – if we aren’t helping our clients to move forward by helping them to get results – Then we don’t deserve to have their business.

Continuous Growth

We are either green and growing or we are ripe and rotting – As a team we hold each other accountable to always be Green and Growing.

There is always a better way, always researching, experimenting and listening to find out what it is.

Premium Quality

We provide outstanding work and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.